via Daily Prompt: Narcissism

The greatness of me
has not been foreseen
by the great books of old
with prophecies foretold;
I do not understand
how Nostradamus did not brand
my name in his pages
to be read through the ages;
it is baffling and vexing
my absence perplexing
in ink and in spirit
I’ve been given no merit;
so great is my Id
with nothing I did,


Land of Was

via Daily Prompt: Forest

I came across an elf one day
who happened across my forest way,
well actually, as it happened to be,
he dangled down from the limb of a tree.
With his feet up high and his head down low
I felt compelled to stop and not go.
I looked at him, he looked at me,
he looked at me and made a decree:
“I am the Elf of Lorilum,
I’d like to know from whence you come!”
I had never heard of this Lorilum place,
but I looked into his oval elf face.
I told him I came from the Land of Was
and Was, as it happens, is “did” and not “does.”
You see, I explained perhaps too fast,
everything we do is done in the past.
He dropped to the ground to land on his feet,
then looked at me and gritted his teeth,
he looked down again and said with a blurt-
“How can that be? that can’t possibly work!”
Of course it can, I tried to explain,
I started to walk and with me he came.
It’s really quite simple, I’ll tell you, you’ll see,
since we do in the past, the present is free.
We have all the time in the world to play
because everything was done just yesterday.
The elf he stopped and looked at me,
he frowned his face and tapped his knee;
“If I am to understand you right,
I may not, but I just might,
today you played and had your fun
and this little walk is already done.”
I smiled at him and nodded and said,
I think you got it, but I knew you did,
because this already happened in the Land of Was
and Was as it happens is “did” and not “does.”
The elf he stood, then he sat, then he thought,
and mulled in his mind the answer he sought.
Suddenly he rose and declared “I must go!”
“But surely,” he winked, “you must already know!”
So off he ran so spritely and quick,
away and away before a tock could go tick.
He appeared to me, my little elf friend,
at a place on my path, just where it bends.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me astray,
to sit by an oak and speak of the day.
This is peculiar, I said with a fright,
this hasn’t happened yesterday or last night.
“I know,” he said with a keen little grin,
a twinkle in his eye and a thrust of his chin.
“It’s a gate I have magicked with spells extraordinary,
to bring you to Lorilum and the Land of the Faerie.
It lays on your path, just where it bends,
it’s magicked for you and for you it opens.”
Why you have done this, I said, I don’t know,
I have always just went and never did go.
Away he ran for me to follow,
to new experiences for a me so callow.
Never did I know what would happen that day,
not a thing, not a place that happened my way.
He took me to sing, to play, to dance;
with elves and brownies through faerie rings prance.
A thousand year old dragon he took me to see,
on that day not a thing would I know it to be.
We went to a village, just there, by the brook,
where sat an old elf reading a book.
“Fi fiddle faddle,” my elf said, “brother elf,
and fiddledy fum or maybe a felf.”
“Why yes, I did faddle a few,” the old elf said,
and faddled a fuddle, or fuddled a qued.”
“You see,” said my elf, “if you have something to say,
this is not the place to say it, they don’t speak here that way.
They speak without meaning and say not a whit,
to say something of meaning, it just wouldn’t fit.”
Yes, I said, I know what you mean,
we have place like that to which I have been.
But now I think it is time to return,
I have seen much and much I did learn.
I’m a bit overwhelmed, all of this in one day,
what it is when one does something a new way.
Back, he took me, to the gate in the road,
and out of Lorilum together we strode.
He shook my hand and bid me to go,
we’ll meet again, I told him, I know.
He winked and he smiled as he turned away,
and whispered, “I too know we’ll meet here again some day,
because this is the Land of Was,
and Was as it happens is “did” and not “does.”