My New Life-word

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

Simplify, such and easy word to say but so hard to implement. About a year ago my wife and I had decided to simplify our lives.  Both sons were out of college and living on their own, and we had just closed down our business that had gone nowhere, which we had opened after I retried from the military.

The failed business had chewed up a lot of money, but I made enough in retirement to not have to work.  I had already published one book so I was going to work on being an author; my wife was going work on woodworking and art; and we were going to get back into shape and travel.

Dreams die.

Retirement was work and distraction.  With a big house, large yard, and two boxer dogs, we seemed to be either cleaning or fixing something and with two large dogs- one which can hardly handle temps above 65 deg- we couldn’t seem to get away. So we decided to simplify.

Life is full of stuff, most of which we don’t need but are convinced by advertising and/or friends and family that our lives would be better with it.  We decided to cast that aside and have been working on getting rid of first the dusty stuff and work on selling the house.  Anything we haven’t used in a while or question its use, we have donated to Salvation Army (I refuse to give to Goodwill).  But still there is more as we do nothing with our lives, living static and unfulfilled.

We simplify and simplify but the road still stretches before us, there is some much stuff we’ve collected over time and so much inertia to overcome. In the end, we will have just an RV, a Kia Soul Exclaim, two dogs and each other heading out to the horizon living life for a change.

And although I do not care much for Stephen King, I will use a line delivered by Andy Dufresne, “get busy living or get busy dying”. We’ve been doing the latter for far too long, so we have made “Simplify” our new life-word in order to do the former.

I hope, too, that you find your way in how to live life.


2 comments on “My New Life-word

  1. I feel like this for myself. I a always in reach for what my next step is. Always talking about.. I can’t wait til … so and so dream is accomplished … and never living in the now … experiencing life .. my fear is that I truly am not living … cuz I’m trying so hard to “live”

  2. I’m glad it had meaning for you. Thank you for reading it.

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