via Daily Prompt: Static

Lives unmoving
burdened by unfulfilled dreams,
torn and stained,
unhappy in the light of day

Energy and time wasted,
spent and unrecycled,
splashed on the canvas of despair,
sadness blooming
in the untended field
where the unkempt scarecrow
in ineffectual repose,
lists and dangles

The morrow cares not
for yesterday’s woes
as today slips blindly by-
too close to be seen,
empty of itself
but full of regrets,
band-aids for the lost and lonely soul

These things we pillow about us;
feeling safe in sorrow,
cozy in withdrawal,
warm in a cup of dreams,
afraid to reach out
and bite the apple that is Now;


2 comments on “Static

  1. I needed this today. Thank you.

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