via Daily Prompt: Viable

Her blade dripped with blood and her arm throbbed with heat where the subcutaneous laser was cooling down, its heat sinks dispersing the excessive buildup from its heavy use. Twelve were strewn about her in various death positions and levels of gruesome finality, blood freely flowing from those unlucky enough to die by the blade instead of the laser.  Twelve Disciples of the Defiant Sword no more.

She felt remorse as she always did- a deep pang at the loss of life. It was programmed into her as a means of keeping her connected, grounded, so as not to go on a psychopathic killing spree. Her purpose was to kill with a purpose; she was a VIABLE (Virtue Imbued Automaton Blade Laser Equipped)- those sent to hunt in the most inhospitable places.

Lillith6 scanned the environs with her eyes, recording the proof of death for her masters, then headed for the airlock of this mined-out asteroid whose only purpose now was to be a tomb for its outlawed conclave devoted to a Shadow Lord.

Settled into the seat of her Hunter class craft, Lillith6 bent forward into the eye-catch and downloaded her recording then sent it off to operations, and waited.  She waited for the transmission that would cleanse her, clear her conscience and provide her new orders; new targets to terminate.

It struck her several minutes later causing her eyes to roll up, her back arch, and a moan to escape from her lips. The intense pleasure of her reward washed through her to strip away the remorse and guilt. A smile stretched across her face as she decoupled from the airlock and slipped once more into the depths of space.

Lillith6 had a Shadow Lord to find.


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