via Daily Prompt: Bliss

I walked amidst the ancient ruins,
fallen, broken pillars lay
as vanquished soldiers-
guardians of age-old values
and philosophies,
and beliefs.
Whispers of dreams and sorrows,
of hopes and pains,
of moments bliss;
spirits of desire
washed through me in waves of borrowed time,
fleeting time.

Spears of light pierce
the dark skies of night,
the ageless sun rising,
rising boldly.
I see my hands
in the withering shadows,
dry… cracked… aging.

A morning breeze builds
cold and penetrating,
laden with tears
from the bearded sea,
the familiar sea,
the longing sea.
And as I stare into its salty depths,
waters passing,
currents pulling,
always pulling,
Will I see your reflection there
Out of reach?


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