A Fool and his Horse

via Daily Prompt: Silent

Enter the Fool on a one-legged horse,
Hopping along as a matter of course.
Look he around with his one wooden eye,
A crowd did he see, a crowd did espy.
Silent they sat on their five-legged chair,
Each holding a cat, each holding hare.
The Fool jumped down to one bent knee,
And in a voice so loud did decree:
“I am the Fool, the Jester, the Clown on the floor,
And there stands my horse, one-legged at the door!
I’ve come to entertain and bring you good cheer,
And mayhap, in return, you’ll buy me a beer!”
He raised a hand, six-fingered in all,
“Now for you I’ll dance on the wall!”
With hooves like a deer he did just that,
They a roared and they cheered, the crowd each raised a cat.
Next he balanced ten beers with great care,
The trick was not good, they each raised a hare.
All in all the performance was most fair
As the night passed on in favor of cat or of hare.
When all was done with the tip of his hat,
The Fool said with a quirk, “That is and that’s that!”
A mug of ale in one gulp he drunk,
Then leapt on his horse in one loud ker-chunck.
He smiled to the crowd and turned to the night,
Then the Fool and his horse hopped out of sight.


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