Soul Dance

via Daily Prompt: Dancing


She danced for him then, in the last light of the burning sky, to a music heard only in her head. He knew it was something profound; an invaluable gift for him.  This was the revealing of her soul.

Sensual and graceful her moves were, at times punctuated with intense gyrations. Her dancing was unencumbered by perception, without reservation, for she had chosen to bare her soul to him thus she could not be judged.

She danced naked yet it was not profane, the sinews of her body glistening in the veiled light, rippling with the intricate motions.  But it was not erotic, it was beauty. It was the translation of the ethereal to the material realm.  It was the truth of who she was and not about sex or love. It was about trust.

Collapsing to her knees at the dance’s completion, her hands palm-to-thighs as her chest rose and fell in deep, controlled breaths, she looked into his eyes, not in challenge to his judgement- she could not be for this was her Truth- but expectantly.

Although not familiar with her customs, he sensed what he needed to do next; not to do it would reject what she offered.  Rising to his feet, he let his robe slip, revealing his nakedness.  Before he could doubt himself and bring awkwardness to his dance, he began to move to his own music, letting his soul dictate the next step, resisting the urge to succumb to self-consciousness and control his movements.  He let his soul pour forth and fully yield to the mind music.

She watched respectfully as he revealed his Truth.  His dance was shorter and with movements more angular and dominant, but there were stretches of smoothness and subtlety which evoked a soul comfortable with authority and calculation.  In the end he too collapsed to his knees, panting softly and matching her gaze.

They rose as one and then embraced, accepting each other’s Truth- the ritual was complete.  The Warrior-king had come requesting his priestess, his immaculate counselor who had accepted the role and who would sit by his side as he conquered the world.


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