Ruul (con’t)

via Daily Prompt: Simmer


The stones began to fragment and slough off from his mind. He felt so slow, so monolithic in the process of thinking.  In truth, it took decades for his thoughts to form and reason; it was that chink from the very beginning of his shackling, his betrayal.

As his awakening transpired, beneath the surface, beneath Ruul’s sunken fist the power simmered, seeking to find its own release, locked away as it was to serve a controlling master. It found its course, the conduit that would lead the way out and once again inhabited the form it had been comfortable with for many years. They were together again and this time without the restraint imposed by the Lumesti.

Agony rocked Ruul’s as the earthpower exploited the crack and coursed through his body, breaking the Lumesti chain and reinvigorating his physical being for so long paralyzed in time. Ruul screamed the pain of ages, the anguished sound rolling off to climb the surrounding mountains.  He had a brief moment of awareness then toppled over as he passed out.


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