Living in a State of Gratitude

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude


Gratitude is too often a forgotten thing, easily put aside as we fill ourselves with misery and distractions.  We forget to appreciate the simple things- a kind word, a warm smile, a simple truth, a reassuring hug.  Instead we empty ourselves to become vessels of bitterness and selfishness, which slowly blinds us to the what is truly meaningful in this world.

The spirit lifts up and we create opportunities to enrich others when we live in a state of gratitude, finding the good in things instead of latching onto the bad things that drag us down and cause strife within ourselves, then ultimately without. Our world is duality, there cannot be good without bad; cannot be pleasure without pain; an upside without a downside.  It has to be this way, otherwise we won’t know the difference in the paths that are within our power to choose.  Living in a state of gratitude helps us make the correct choice.

Some will point out that this is naive, that there are those who have never known anything other than hurt and pain through abuse or drug addiction, who have no reason to be grateful for anything.  It is a valid point and faced with these situations, it is very difficult to live in a state of gratitude, even for those who live a bountiful life.  However, if they are grateful for each breath, for each day they wake up and have an opportunity to find help; are then grateful for that meal or soft bed; are then grateful for each step along their new path, I can’t help but believe that they will find themselves again and will thrive.

Constantly feeling gratitude for the things in our lives is probably one of the hardest things to do as we are pounded daily with negativity, but using perspective as a filter will greatly aid in that endeavor.


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